Introducing Limited Edition Dazzling Blue

We are so excited to unveil our latest Limited Edition color for ENELL SPORT: Dazzling Blue!

ENELL Sport Bra in Dazzling Blue

We get requests for new hues all the time, and this one comes by popular request. This new Dazzling Blue bra is one ENELL you’ll want to show off! Inventory is extremely limited, so order early to secure your size.


Purchase your Dazzling Blue before they’re gone online here or at any of the retailers listed below.

ENELL Retailers stocking Dazzling Blue: Please call ahead to determine availability of your size as this is subject to change.



Are you excited for Dazzling Blue? 

How to Take 10 Minutes for Yourself

It’s hard to say this is a particularly busy or crazy time of year. Those moments of chaos exist throughout the year, no matter the season. Equal opportunity madness!

Sometimes you’ve got to step away from the crazy as opposed to thinking it will pass. There’s always something going to eat up our time, cause us stress, and demand more of our focus than is deserved.

Carve out 10 minutes for yourself during the day to leave the madness *over there* and clear your head, your spirit, your heart *over here.* Whether it’s getting away from your desk, the kids, or rush hour, your body will thank you in spades when you make this a consistent part of your day.

How to Take 10 Minutes for Yourself

“Anyone who lifts weights knows you can do more when you allow yourself a short break to recover. Whether you are trying to complete 40 push-ups or finish a major project for work, sometimes you need a minute or ten to recover physically or mentally,” suggested Brooke Randolph, LMHC.

Now, how should you spend those 10 minutes? Honestly, do just about anything you want! Keep it light, fun, easy. Make sure it’s something you enjoy. Those 10 minutes should feel like a mental pampering.

Dance. Make a three-song playlist and dance your face off. It’s completely energizing, wakes up those endorphins, and will absolutely put a smile on your face.

Skip. Speaking of things that always make a smile — try skipping! Better for you than walking or running for a host of reasons, it also just makes people feel happy.

Color. Adult coloring books are totally in, and totally creating zen. Free printable coloring sheets and coloring books designed for an adult audience are easy to find. Some find it a meditative, de-stressing way to awaken creativity, imagination, and reset focus.

Yoga. For more traditional meditation and zen, give yourself ten minutes of yoga. Even this brief act can lower heart rate, increase oxygen, strengthen core, promote better sleep, and a host of other ten minute yoga benefits. Videos, apps, and guides exist across the internet to guide you through a series.

Nap. Science says the ten-minute nap is an ideal length of time for best results and sustained results. Close your door, dim the lights, and catch some brief Zs to really reset.

Play. Really let loose and just play. Swing at the park, throw on some roller skates/blades, shoot a few hoops, draw a hopscotch board, get out a deck of cards, draw on the driveway, ride a bike, play tag with the kids… you get the idea!

Laugh. Pull up clips from last night’s late shows or watch clumsy baby animals learn to walk. Whatever tickles your funny bone, seek it out and have a good laugh.

Cry. If it’s all feeling like too much, seriously let it go! Crying is incredibly therapeutic, as it lowers stress and elevates mood. Find a clip from Beaches or Steel Magnolias and let the tears flow.

Primp. Paint your nails, curl your hair, slap on a fresh layer of gloss, get a chair massage. When you feel like you look your best, you tend to believe it.

Shop. There’s actually something to be said for “retail therapy.” A quick pass through your favorite store for a new sports bra, great new shampoo, steal on a killer pair of shoes, or a new bangle or bauble might be just what your spirit needed.

The 7-Minute Workout You Really Do Have Time For

Do you avoid working out because you simply can’t make the time? Well, we are about to squash that excuse!

Any workout is better than none — and that comes straight from Harvard!

“Some research suggests that Americans could avoid weight gain by burning just 100 more calories a day—an extra 15 minutes of walking would do the trick,” Harvard Medical School reported.

Well, we’ve found a really simple way to rack up those 15 minutes each day. Not only will you bank some cardio, but it incorporates some pertinent strength training, too. Oh, and it’s really fun!

It’s an app called the 7 Minute Body Fitness Exercise. That’s right, it takes seven minutes to complete this workout. And if you still grapple with when and where you’re going to fit it in — it’s available on your iPhone and iPad so it basically goes anywhere with you.

The 7-Minute Workout You Really Do Have Time For

Its eight-bit design is whimsical and a total throwback to our old Mario Bros. days. The eight-bit, animated character demonstrates the moves so you can follow along while the light, playful music will keep your head in the game for those long seven minutes.

You’ll do 12 different exercises for thirty seconds each, with a ten-second break in between. The moves include jumping jacks, wall sits, push-ups, ab crunches, triceps dips, planks, and high knee runs. There is a pause button if you feel the need to take a brief breather, but the goal is to keep your heart rate and body moving for the duration.

You can choose between three coaches, each mimicking a different celebrity voice: Arnold (Schwarzenegger), Matt (McConaughey), and Kate (Beckinsale). They toss out encouraging, motivating comments throughout the workout and quippy phrases that may throw off your balance with a giggle.

Tackle this seven-minute workout once in the morning and once in the evening on each weekday and you’re up to 75 minutes. Couple that with a 15-minute walk, jog, yoga, swim, skip, or other exercise once a day, five days a week, and you hit the recommended 150 minutes of minimum exercise. Those 150 minutes are what you need to lower risk of heart disease, per a study by the American Heart Association that corroborates federal fitness recommendations.

“Ten minutes at a time is fine,” per the CDC.

The point is, don’t bypass any movement at all because you don’t think you have 30 minutes, an hour, or longer to commit. Give seven minutes, ten minutes, or fifteen minutes anytime you can spare. As they say in What You Can, When You Can, it all adds up!

15 Summer Berry Recipes: The Very Best Way to Eat More Berries

Now is the time to eat as many berries as you can stomach. In season throughout the summer, berries will never be more accessible, more affordable, or more juicy and delicious!

Ripened in the sun, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are prime examples of how fruits are “nature’s candy.” Want proof? Eat a handful on their own or freeze and enjoy the “hard candy” version! Their natural sweetness is actually sweeter than table sugar. With most one-cup servings of these berries weighing in at less than 60 calories, it’s one splurge you can enjoy over and over.

15 Summer Berry Recipes

With nutrition recommendations to fill half of each plate with fruits and vegetables, and to eat around nine servings of produce each day, it’s hard not to reach those goals when you include berries. These fresh fruits easily accompany breakfast, lunch, and dinner and make excellent snacks in between.

For fitness buffs, berries make an excellent addition to your pre- and post-workout fueling plan as they provide clean energy and can improve muscle soreness and recovery.


One cup of blueberries has 84 calories, 2 grams of fiber, and 16 percent of your daily need for vitamin C. It’s a superfood loaded with phytonutrients that’s linked with improving night vision and overall visual clarity.

Blueberry Lemonade 

Blueberry Maple Mojito 

Blueberry Balsamic Reduction with Turkey Burger Sliders 


One cup of strawberries has 50 calories, 2 grams of fiber, and 160 percent of your daily need for vitamin C. Just eight berries counts toward one serving and can promote heart health and lower blood pressure.

Turkey-Berry Spring Rolls 

Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups 

Roasted Strawberry BBQ Sauce 


One cup of raspberries has 52 calories, 7 grams of fiber (or 26 percent of daily value), and 44 percent of your daily need for vitamin C. It’s linked with preventing cancer by inhibiting abnormal cell division and allowing for normal cell death.

Raspberry Lemon Frozen Pops 

Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad Dressing 

No-Cook Raspberry Freezer Jam 


One cup of blackberries has 43 calories, 5 grams of fiber, and 35 percent of your daily need for vitamin C. It’s one of only two berries included on the CDC’s Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetables list.

Blackberry Mascarpone Hand Pies 

Blackberry Frozen Yogurt 

Blackberry Iced Tea 


Mix them together and what do you get? Flavor explosion. Nutrition boon. Spectacular color. Enjoy all the benefits of several berries in one bite!

Mixed Berry Yonanas 

Talenti Frozen Sangria 

GF Mixed Berry Breakfast Bars 

6 Tools Every Fitness Beginner Should Use

Fear is the biggest hurdle in fitness. You don’t know how to use the machines, or you feel like you won’t fit in at a class. Maybe you’re worried that you’ll look ridiculous at yoga class… or worse… fart! It could be a daunting goal that feels insurmountable. Perhaps you have no idea where to start and the thought becomes so overwhelming you just scrap the idea of exercise altogether.

Every single person you see at the gym who appears to have it so together was standing in your exact same shoes at one point. Everyone was a beginner and they all felt the same sense of trepidation that you do now. The difference is that they moved forward and continued in spite of that feeling. Will you say the same?

Being a beginner has its advantages — everything is new, fresh, and interesting. It’s an opportunity to try exciting new workouts and find your groove. What suits your style, personality, and goals? You’ll never know until you try a few things first.

6 Tools Every Fitness Beginner Should Use

Here are a few beginner tools to help give you that extra push to get started…and stick with it!

C25K — This free app has produced millions of new runners. The Couch to 5K accomplishes just what the name implies — moving otherwise sedentary couch potatoes through an effective training program to complete a 5K race. Through audio coaching on your phone, you’ll develop strength and endurance through a walk/run program that lasts eight weeks. You’ll workout three days a week for about 30 minutes. During that time you’ll grow from a non-runner to a 5K finisher. Once you complete that goal, why stop there?

MapMyRun — Now that you can call yourself a runner, keep growing in the sport. The MapMyRun app joins you with a global running community where you’ll not only find support and encouragement, but plan your own routes or select from their curated routes. Track your activity, log nutrition, and even post your progress to social media.

Charity Miles — If you won’t run for yourself, do it for the betterment of someone else. For every mile you run, walk, or bike, 25 cents or 10 cents (respectively) will be donated to one of their partner charities. Your effort becomes real cash donations to groups like the ASPCA, Wounded Warrior Project, (RED), Autism Speaks, Feeding America, and many others. Use the app to track your progress and let Charity Miles do the rest.

MyFitnessPal — It’s one of the most heralded nutrition apps on the market, and it’s free! Millions have lost weight, maintained weight loss, or just held themselves more accountable using this simple app that replaces traditional food journaling. With a database of 5 million foods, and the ability to add anything yourself, nutrition tracking has never been easier or more effective. View reports, set goals, and manage broader nutrition than just calorie counting with MyFitnessPal.

AcaciaTV — Get a hard-hitting workout anywhere you are…and anywhere with internet. Home, office, hotel, or soccer practice, AcaciaTV‘s online database of hundreds of workouts by professional trainers goes where you go. Talk about eliminating excuses! A nominal monthly fee gains access to their video library from your computer, phone, tablet, or even Roku! Yoga, strength train, cardio, barre, kettlebells, and more are just a click away.

Personal Trainer — There’s still something to be said about working with a personal trainer, especially if you’re just starting to work on your fitness. Take advantage of free sessions with a new gym membership, or find a trainer in your budget and justify three or four sessions. Make sure they teach you the fundamentals so that you can work on your own, not just hold your hand through a workout. This will help you avoid injury, overcome fears, and get more out of every minute you’re working out.