Resistance Band Workouts Can Replace Your Weights

It should be no secret that strength training is essential for women. It has nothing to do with bulking up, and everything to do with optimizing your health.

The laundry list of reasons women benefit so greatly from strength training includes stamina, flexibility, more functional movement, an optimized shift in hormones, and management or prevention of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Plus, it comes with an added benefit of helping you tone up and trim down. What’s not to love about hitting the weight room?

Well, therein lies one of the biggest reasons women don’t lift. Women are terrified to enter the gym. They lack confidence and familiarity and aren’t comfortable crossing into a man’s world. Just as large breasts keep women out of the gym, and the fear of a bad hair day keeps them from working out, we can now add weight room woes to the list of reasons we aren’t taking care of ourselves.

Stop resisting. And start resisting!

“Resistance bands are as effect as hand weights,” asserts Fred Devito, a personal trainer who is a big proponent of band workouts, as demonstrated in his Exhale workouts at AcaciaTV. “The value of resistance bands is that they build strength over range of motion, which is the most efficient way to build strength.”

Resistance Band Workouts Can Replace Your Weights

Resistance bands can provide a premium, effective strength workout that you can do just about anywhere! Your bedroom, office, hotel room, backyard, or park can all become your own personal weight room. Another benefit, reports LiveStrong, is that “you can build a lot of strength and speed without increasing muscle mass,” which should quell those typical female fears that weights = bulk. And the varied tensions that the resistance bands come in allow you to really grow and progress your strength program the way you would through three-, five-, or ten-pound weights.

With resistance bands, there’s no counting reps or sets. “You’re finished when you can’t do anymore,” explained Devito. He says to do as many reps as the muscle can withstand.

This functional fitness approach is even ideal for those recovering from an injury. Devito says resistance bands are the equipment of choice for therapists in post-injury rehab.

Here are a few key exercises to try with the resistance band instead of hand weights or machines.

  • Biceps curls
  • Double arm triceps extension
  • Rowing
  • Lat pull downs
  • Chest press
  • Overhead press

15 Easy Healthy Choices You Can Make Everyday

It’s refreshing to see that in the last ten years our culture has moved further away from calorie counting, carb watching, and scale weight and very much more toward overall healthy living. The embracing of wellness, fitness, and health is a trend that’s been long overdue. You’re less likely to hear that someone is on a diet than you are that they are being more mindful.

Now that’s a “diet” we can all afford to be on.

Whether you’re taking your first steps toward a lifestyle makeover or need to check-in and make some adjustments, here are 25 ways you can make healthier choices every single day.

15 Easy Healthy Choices You Can Make Everyday

1. No menu extremes. Anytime a menu describes something as the ultimate, bottomless, or platter, you’re getting too much of something your don’t need. Stick to trimmer, more realistic servings that aren’t smothered and piled high.

2. Give up mayo. It’s not that it’s that bad for you, it’s just that there’s something that accomplishes the same thing and does so with better flavor and while being better for you. Spread fresh avocado instead of mayo on your next sammy.

3. Hydrate! You hear it all the time so maybe start doing it. Drink more water. There’s no specific rule for how much, just stay ahead of thirst. Drink water in place of most anything else and you’ll feel the difference in almost every aspect.

4. Get your Zs. You really do need about eight hours of sleep each night, so how much are you depriving yourself of? Try going to bed or waking up 30 minutes early, and add 10 minutes to each end until you optimize your schedule.

5. …And do it screen free. Ditch the screens about half an hour before bed to give your brain a rest. You’ll be surprised how much easier you fall asleep and how much better you do sleep.

6. Do a purge… of all the junk in your house! Change toothbrushes, hairbrushes, mattresses, kitchen sponges, makeup brushes, flip flops, running shoes, yoga mats, and anything else that’s “expired” without your knowing.

7. Move. Walk the dog, play with your kids, go for a run, do yoga, swim a couple of laps, or even take the stairs instead of the elevator — it all counts toward movement that your body needs!

8. Skip workouts. Skipping is actually better for you than walking or running, and a heck of a lot more fun! Give this a try to find that fitness “thing” that you enjoy.

9. Don’t skip meals. Your body needs fuel first thing in the morning, to power through the mid-day, and to get you through the night. That said, don’t deprive your body.

10. Fruit first. If you have any other side option than fries, take it! Fresh fruit, side salads, rice and beans, and steamed vegetables are a few common side dish items that are way better than another plate of fries.

11. Hungry or bored? When you reach for the cupboard, use this Michael Pollan quote as a litmus test for whether or not you’re hungry or bored: If you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, then you’re probably not hungry.

12. Say no to neon. If your soda, cereal, yogurt, or cocktail looks eerily similar to the same shade as your favorite nail polish — just don’t eat it.

13. Eat junk food. Want cookies? Want fried chicken? Want pizza? Go ahead, just make it yourself. There are no “bad” foods, but there are some pretty unhealthy preparations. Make it yourself, control the ingredients, and enjoy!

14. Focus. If you’re eating, do that. Turn off the screens, sit at a table, and focus on the meal. If you’re running, do that. If you’re playing with your kids, do that. Just focus and get more out of the moment.

15. Wear the Enell Lite. When you aren’t worried about jarring your breasts with spontaneous activity, you’re more likely to take a lunch break to go skipping, play with your kids, or join a random dance party. You never know! Try the Enell Lite.

Give Yoga a Second Chance

Yoga seems to fall somewhere in the love it or hate it zone for just about everyone. It can carry a bit of a stigma and has a perceived sense of perfection, but it’s all a veritable cure all. Coming in a number of different forms, styles, and methods, there’s seemingly a yoga to fit every mind and body out there.

Search around and you’ll find yoga for seniors, yoga for kids, yoga for pregnancy, yoga for back pain, yoga for arthritis, yoga for first responders, yoga for bloggers, yoga for runners… the list seriously goes on, and on, and on! So surely there a yoga for… you!

Why to give yoga a second chance

The practice is a health benefit boon, with experts espousing the myriad ways in which yoga benefits the mind, body, and soul, including aches, pains, diseases, and more. The American Osteopathic Association calls yoga “a healing system of theory and practice. The purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body.”

Yoga improves flexibility, muscle strength, and muscle tone. It contributes to a balanced metabolism, weight loss and/or maintenance, and overall improved athletic ability. Cardiovascular, circulatory, and respiratory systems all positively benefit from a routine yoga practice. Injury prevention and recovery are improved. The ability to focus, cope, sleep, and enjoy overall more positive mental health are also part of yoga’s benefits.

“Because there are so many different kinds of yoga practices, it is possible for anyone to start,” promotes the AOA.

So why haven’t you?

You don’t have to be perfect.

You don’t have to be bendy.

You don’t have to make a serious commitment.

You don’t have to have the clothes.

Yes, you may fart.

Yes, you may fall over.

Yes, you may giggle.

Yes, you’ll get sweaty.

Yes, you may feel things.

No, you won’t be judged. Remember, everyone else in the room is just as preoccupied with getting it right as you are. They don’t have energy or focus to waste looking to see how awkward your first-ever attempt at a sun salutation looks.

(They also don’t care!)

Yoga is a single-player sport. You may join a few others in a room and share that kinetic energy, but ultimately, it’s you and your body coming together in an experience meant to strengthen and heal.

So if you’re looking for yoga for better sleep, yoga for better sex, yoga for depression, yoga for anger, yoga for cyclists, yoga for single moms, yoga for working moms, yoga for families, yoga for grandparents… yes, even yoga for dogs… it’s out there.

Try a class, give it ten minutes when you need a break, or test the waters with YouTube videos at home. Just show up and you’re already half way there.

Put Dazzling Blue in Everything You Do

We’ve been sitting on this gorgeous new Dazzling Blue Enell bra for a few months now and couldn’t be more excited about finally getting this darling into your hands! Isn’t she pretty?


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