Listen Up: 6 Fit Podcasts to Motivate Your Summer

06.29.2017 • Wellness

Whether it’s traveling to a beach on the other side of the world or exploring a part of your state that you’ve never seen, summer inspires movement and adventure. However, both travel and trips to the beach and pool rack up a lot of downtime. Keep yourself from getting restless by plugging into these podcasts to boost mindfulness and your fitness IQ.

Running With Police Escort

Proclaimed as a running podcast for those “in the back of the pack,” host Jill Grunewald interviews self-professed slow runners. Jill’s recently released book tells her own fitness story and how she faced her fears to start running.

300 Pounds and Running

Host Martinus Evans challenges people who think they’re too fat or slow to run in his podcast filled with running tips, advice, and inspiration. As a heavier runner, Martinus has run everything from 5ks to marathons, so he knows what it’s like to start from square one. His free ebook acts as a companion to his podcast.

Ten Junk Miles

If you’ve got some free time from traveling but you’re still craving podcast time, try going for a run with this podcast. The hosts include trail, road, and ultra runners who act as your running companions. They talk about their lives as runners in ten segments -- one for each mile of a run.

The Joe Rogan Experience

While this podcast and its host may be known for comedy, Joe often invites members of the fitness community for a blend of humor and health advice. His recent guests include a holistic women’s health psychiatrist, a bowhunting athlete, and a hiker. As a retired martial artist, Joe has a bit of a fitness background himself.

The FitCast

This catchall fitness podcast, hosted by Kevin Larrabee, covers just about everything you’ve wanted to know about getting and keeping a healthy body. Kevin invites top experts from a wide range of fitness fields to tell all in these long, in-depth episodes.

Nutrition Diva

While you’re loading up on fitness tips and inspiration, don’t forget the fuel you need to stay active. Host Monica Reinagel guides those who are sick of sifting through nutrition myths and truths on their own. She debunks food “facts” and provides simple, realistic ways to shift your diet for the better.