Put Dazzling Blue in Everything You Do


We’ve been sitting on this gorgeous new Dazzling Blue Enell bra for a few months now and couldn’t be more excited about finally getting this darling into your hands! Isn’t she pretty?

enell dazzling blue


This sharp, brilliant shade of blue was recently celebrated as one of Pantone’s picks for best seasonal color. While that color will fade with the changing of the seasons, your Dazzling Blue Enell isn’t fading anytime soon. Get all of the support and comfort you’ve come to trust from your Enell in a dazzling new shade that will really add some spark to your workouts.

With Dazzling Blue being the “color of the season” around here, we thought it would be fun to impart a little of that pizazz into other aspects of your life. As far as we’re concerned, feeling blue has never felt (nor looked) better!

Royal Blue Martini — A splash of blue curacao will transform your classic martini into something spectacular! Let’s celebrate the new bra!

Frozen Blueberries — Called “the best snack ever” because they mimic little bites of blueberry sorbet.

Blue Velvet Cupcakes — Oh, hi, yum. Sometimes you’ve just gotta treat yourself!

Blue Food Dye — Completely natural plant-based dye that you can use to make eggs, cocktails, cakes, or anything else you’re just dying to turn blue!

Jamberry Nails — Cover your nails in a sharp shade of blue to make every keystroke and biceps curl look a little more dazzling.

Nail Polish — Stick to a classic and lacquer your nails in a perfect shade of dazzling blue.

Blue Flowers — Fill a vase with morning glories, African lilies, or delphiniums to brighten every room in the house.

Yoga Mat — If you’re wearing a dazzling blue Enell to yoga, you kind of owe it to yourself to take a yoga mat to match!

Hair Ties — Keep your hair out of your way, and give it a little personality, in a stylish, dazzling hair tie.

Hand Weights — Strength training is key for women, and all the more inviting when the weights look as sharp as our attire!

Temporary Tattoo — Slap a motivating, bright blue “Born to Do This” tattoo right on your arm to keep you going.

Water Bottle — Stay hydrated throughout your newly-inspired dazzling blue workout with a dazzling blue water bottle!